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vmodemd is a telnet server designed to run old DOS BBS systems and door games. vmodemd listens for incoming TCP connections on a defined port, does a minimal telnet handshake if needed, and then start to proxy all data to a PTY which is bound to a dosemu virtual serial port.


vmodemd supports any number of virtual modems, can display customized banners if all modems are busy, terminate a serial app when a telnet connection is unexpectedly dropped, and run custom scripts before giving control to dosemu, allowing you to pass relevant data such as incoming IP address to the DOS app.


  1. operating system with PTY support (*nix or anything that can run socat)
  2. dosemu
  3. PHP >= 5.3


running old DOS BBS software is made of 1337, therefore it would be insulting to provide a comprehensive documentation. the supplied sample configuration file should be self explanatory, and more than enough.


do them yourself. srsly. go visit deadline.aegis-corp.org.

this is my old PCBoard BBS from 1995, the former aEGiS cORP world HQ. it is running 4 nodes under vmodemd, and also should provide good nostalgia to whoever used to be part of the PCBoard / PPE scene back then :)



vmodemd is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.